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3 Insider Tips That All Nonprofits Should Know

Fundraising is the lifeblood of any nonprofit. Without donations, your mission doesn’t go on. Here are three fundraising tips for making the most of your efforts.

1. Direct mail and digital ads together drive donations.

Direct mail is one of the most effective ways for nonprofits to get donations. However, these efforts work best when paired with other channels. For example, one study found that marketing campaigns that used direct mail and one or more other digital media saw a 118% rise in response rates compared to using direct mail only. In contrast, another found that combining direct mail with digital ads yielded 28% higher conversion rates.

2. Success starts with your house list.

As long as they still believe in your mission, those who donate to your organization will do it again. That’s why your house list is so important. Prospecting helps to expand your donor base, but your house list will always be the main source of your fundraising dollars. Keep this list clean up to date, and treat your donors like the most influential people in the world — because they are.

3. Engage beyond donations.

When it comes to a person’s likelihood to donate, the most important factor is their emotional connection to your organization. To increase donations, build real, lasting relationships with donors over time. You should also:

  • Ensure that your donors understand your mission and how you’ll use their money to accomplish it.
  • Write to donors by name and personalize your messaging based on the specific areas or projects to which they have donated.
  • Provide pictures or stories about the ways that you’re using their money to keep donors in the loop on your progress.

Final thoughts

People want to help, and they enjoy being part of efforts to do good for the world and for their communities. Use direct mail, email, and other digital channels to make them feel part of your mission as you move it forward.

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Arkansas Graphics3 Insider Tips That All Nonprofits Should Know

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